Article published!

We just published an article in Energy and Buildings about the design and performance predicitions of the demonstration projects in syn.ikia. You can read it here.

In brief, the article discusses different design strategies of the four demonstration projects in Norway, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands, which needs to respond to their local climate. Future scenario analyses were done to understand how the buildings would respond to changing exterior conditions and user behaviors.

The Highlights from the article

  • Performance predictions result in a positive energy balance for the demonstration projects in four different climates.
  • Scenarios for climate change, user behaviour, and energy flexibility test the robustness of the designs for the demonstration projects.
  • There is a significant potential for increased utilization of on-site generated renewable energy by adjusting the heating schedules and including electric vehicle charging.
  • Climate change and user behaviour can increase the risk of overheating.
  • Designs may not achieve a positive energy balance in case of ‘high consumption’ user behaviour scenarios.

Dutch demo ready

The Dutch project is already built, and residents have moved in. The monitoring process starts now, and it will be interesting to analyse the energy consumption in a year.

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