TekNat and Gemini show interest in plus houses

I recently wrote a blogpost for TekNat and Gemini about plus energy buildings (based on this blogpost). It’s fun to be able to share my interest for plus energy buildings with others!

Right now I am attending a course with Annex 83 for Positive Energy Districts, where we focus on modelling the energy performance of positive energy districts (PED’s). PED’s are perceived as districts that produce more renewable energy than they consume. Modelling the energy performance takes into accout the energy use in all the buildings in the district. Different building types (office, school, homes) often use energy at different times of day, and therefore if one building has excess energy from their photovoltaic (PV) panels, the neighbouring building might need this energy. This sharing of energy between buildings can reduce the total amount of energy an area needs.

Anyway, I hope I learn something cool.

Have a great summer so far!

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